YouTube Social Impact Channel Offers Nonprofit Resources

YouTube Social Impact Channel Offers Nonprofit Resources

Now more than ever, video has the power to take an audience someplace they can’t go on their own and bring them back forever changed. To help nonprofits create more effective videos, YouTube has a dedicated landing page that offers updates to its 24-page guide called “YouTube Playbook for Good”.

Leverage the power of YouTube to amplify your cause. Visit the dedicated YouTube Social Impact website to participate in online courses from some of the best storytellers on YouTube, view success stories, participate in campaigns endorsed by YouTube and much more. Among other tips, nonprofits can learn how to devise attention-grabbing names and descriptions to make their videos more visible to search engines, tell better stories, and incorporate videos into overall marketing campaigns.

Subscribe to the YouTube Social Impact channel today. The purpose of the channel is to engage changemakers, global leaders, and cultural influencers to make YouTube the place for social engagement and impact.

Want to make an impact with video? Join YouTube’s mission to harness the platform’s scale, technology and talent to ignite and sustain movements that drive measurable social change.

  • Are you a nonprofit? Request a Google for Nonprofits account HERE. YouTube offers special tools and resources for registered nonprofits and social enterprises. Spread the word about your nonprofit mission. Join Google for Nonprofits HERE.
  • Become an effective storyteller for social impact. Learn how HERE.
  • Support YouTube’s latest campaign. Get involved HERE.

Since YouTube started its Nonprofit Program in 2007,  thousands of organizations in the United States, Australia, Canada, and England have joined. Nonprofits and activism is the second fastest-growing category on the site.



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