Our Services

CauseConnect® offers an array of professional services for companies and nonprofits, including but not limited to the following:


  • Create and/or implement marketing plans and campaigns designed to attract audiences, enhance organizational reputations, and secure corporate support for a variety of community and cultural projects.

Project Management

  • Initiate and manage community and cultural projects (e.g., museum exhibitions, festivals).
  • Create and implement services related to sponsorship, marketing, public programs, special events, and project management.

Special Events & Public Programs

  • Organize and market invite-only and public gatherings that successfully attract attendees, corporate supporters, and media attention.

Sponsorships & Corporate Partnerships

  • Create packages designed to attract, secure, and successfully manage sponsorships and corporate partnerships for community and cultural projects.

Training, Coaching & Professional Development

  • Speak at local and national conferences, meetings, and workshops about stated areas of expertise.
  • Create and present custom workshops for nonprofit and corporate clients.

Volunteer Engagement

  • Identify, screen, and introduce nonprofits as prospective partners for CSR initiatives and/or as volunteer opportunity providers for corporate clients.
  • Create and manage volunteer programs for nonprofits and companies.
  • Write corporate manuals for employees related to volunteerism.