CauseConnect® offers consulting and event services to companies and nonprofits. In addition, the firm provides services to museums, artists, and collectors.

Write grants, fundraising plans, and annual appeals. Write community service guides and volunteer handbooks. Write promotional copy.

Organize, market and manage touring exhibitions for museums, collectors, libraries, and artists. Produce special events and public programs to support exhibitions.

From concept to printing, photography to writing, marketing to advertising, distribution to sales, work with authors and institutions on their book publishing projects.

Conduct workshops and give presentations on fundraising, corporate partnerships, corporate giving, and marketing. Host art talks featuring collectors, curators, and artists at museums and in private settings.

Initiate and manage a wide range of projects: from museum exhibitions and festivals to corporate programs and educational initiatives. Create and implement services related to sponsorship, marketing, public programs, special events, and project management.

Create and implement marketing plans and campaigns designed to attract audiences, enhance organizational reputations, and secure support for community and cultural projects. Write and distribute press releases.


Create packages designed to attract, secure, and successfully manage sponsorships and corporate partnerships for community and cultural projects.


Organize and market gatherings that attract and engage attendees. Create promotional packages that secure corporate supporters and garner media attention.


Develop strategic plans for engagement. Create volunteer programs with incentives and handbooks. Produce community events to engage volunteers. Research and match nonprofits with companies.