Celebrating 25 Years of Dance Salad

Celebrating 25 Years of Dance Salad

To celebrate the 25th anniversary for Dance Salad Festival in Houston and in support of the nonprofit Houston International Dance Coalition, CauseConnect LLC announces that it is producing a tribute publication with text and images that document and highlight the festival’s impact on the dance scene locally and globally.

Only a limited number of copies of the book will be printed and distributed to the festival’s supporters exclusively through the nonprofit. In addition to essays by the Houston Chronicle’s Molly Glentzer, Senior Writer and Critic for Arts & Culture; international journalist Maggie Foyer; and selected choreographers and dancers whose careers were launched at Dance Salad, the book will feature published and previously unpublished images by selected photographers who have covered the festival since its inception in Houston, accompanied by a list of choreographers, dance companies, principal dancers, community partners, and the production team from the festival’s 25 seasons in Houston, Texas. A profile on Nancy Henderek, the festival’s Artistic Director and the nonprofit’s Executive Director, information about the photographer, an overview of the nonprofit, and a list of its supporters and board members, will complete the book. To learn more about the festival, visit www.dancesalad.org.

"rising star of the Dutch dance scene" Annabelle Lopez Ochoa is now well on her way to conquering the world

Colombian-Belgian choreographer Annabelle Lopez Ochoa launched her career at Dance Salad. “In Transit” by Compania Nacional de Danza choreographed by Annabelle Lopez Ochoa. Photo by Jesus Vallinas, 2013.


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