BOOK RELEASE: “The Other Side of Memory: Photographs by Luis C. Garza”

BOOK RELEASE: “The Other Side of Memory: Photographs by Luis C. Garza”

Drawn from an extensive largely unpublished personal archive, The Other Side of Memory: Photographs by Luis C. Garza features images that document the Chicano photographer’s East Los Angeles community during the early 1970s, his South Bronx neighborhood during the 1960s, and his 1971 travels to Budapest, Hungary for the World Peace Conference where he met Mexican muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros. Curator Armando Durón organized the images not according to place or chronology — the most obvious ways of presenting documentary photography. Instead, he paired or joined the images to encourage the viewer to form new images from the combination witnessed. Works were also selected for their ability to evoke memory and to suggest that there is at least one other side of memory — the road not yet traveled. In addition to 66 black-and-white photographs, this catalog and the exhibition The Other Side of Memory: Photography by Luis C. Garza features essays by photographer Luis C. Garza and the exhibition’s curator Armando Durón, bookended by a foreword by curator and scholar Elizabeth Ferrer who authored the critically lauded Latinx Photography in the United States: A Visual History and an afterword by Charlene Villaseñor Black, Professor of Art History and Chicano Studies and Central American Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles; editor of Aztlán: A Journal of Chicano Studies; and founding editor-in-chief of Latin American and Latinx Visual Culture. It also includes previously unpublished proof sheets of Garza’s film negatives that demonstrate his process of selecting what to shoot and what to print.


The catalog retails for $40.00 inclusive of sales tax and USPS shipping in the 48 contiguous U.S. states (ask about shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, or outside of the U.S.). For wholesale or bulk orders, press interviews, and speaking engagements, contact Melissa Richardson Banks at (213) 446-3467 or email a request by clicking HERE. Best known for the work he made in East Los Angeles during the peak years of the Chicano civil rights movement, Luis C. Garza also presents a wider range of his lesser-seen photographs. He is the rare Chicano photographer who documented activism on both coasts, and internationally, during these years of dissent and social upheaval.

~ Elizabeth Ferrer, Chief Curator at BRIC, scholar of Latinx and Mexican photography, and author of Latinx Photography in the United States: A Visual History

Garza’s photographs and Durón’s careful arrangement of them into thought-provoking groupings visualize the interconnectedness of the struggles for racial justice, gender equality, and against economic and class-based disparities. Simultaneously, Garza’s photographs envision and suggest a new path to the future, one in which people would be united in their various struggles against oppression. This leads me to the supposition that Garza’s photographs are both retrospective and prospective.

~ Charlene Villaseñor Black, UCLA Professor of Art History, Chicano Studies & Central American Studies; Editor, Aztlán: A Journal of Chicano Studies; & founding Editor-in-Chief of Latin American & Latinx Visual Culture

Book Title: THE OTHER SIDE OF MEMORY: Photographs by Luis C. Garza Specifications: 66 black-and-white photographs by Garza plus four proof sheets and details of fourteen key images and a portrait of Garza by Kelly Wood Contributing Writers:  Elizabeth Ferrer, Charlene Villaseñor Black,  Luis C. Garza and Armando Durón Editor | Copywriter | Production Coordinator: Melissa Richardson Banks Designer: Eva Crawford Publication Date: 2023 Language: English (printed in the United States) Product Dimensions: 9″ wide x 12″ high x 0.28″ deep Shipping Weight: 19.5 ounces Edition: 1st edition Soft Cover (perfect bound): 96 pages plus covers Retail Cost: $50.00 (plus sales tax and shipping) Publisher: CauseConnect, LLC Photographer: Luis C. Garza Identifiers: ISBN 978-0-9891148-4-4 and Library of Congress Control Number: 2022919461

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