Welcome to CauseConnect

Welcome to CauseConnect

CauseConnect is a consulting firm that specializes in helping corporate and nonprofit clients achieve business returns on charitable investments.™ CauseConnect began in 1999 by providing unprecedented networking opportunities for executives responsible for sponsorship, cause marketing, and corporate giving. Growing demand evolved into CauseConnect of today.


CauseConnect seeks to make positive connections between companies and nonprofits that result in mutually beneficial outcomes.


CauseConnect helps to connect companies and nonprofits in a manner that:

  • Recognizes respective assets.
  • Optimizes complementary strengths.
  • Fulfills stated expectations.
  • Anticipates unanticipated needs.
  • Leverages the full range of marketing and philanthropic opportunities.
  • Achieves measurable results derived from predetermined goals.


CauseConnect maintains a roster of qualified individuals who possess expertise in a variety of areas from the corporate and nonprofit sectors. This allows us to provide our clients with an array of services that integrate doing business by doing good.™

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