TFS Thanks Teachers

“TFS Thanks Teachers” was a project conducted by CauseConnect for Toyota Financial Services (TFS).

During the prior three years, CauseConnect produced a community event called “Picnic with a Purpose” after the company’s annual business meeting.

On Tuesday, March 22 @ 11:00 AM to 1:30 PM, TFS Thanks Teachers for HQ event took place in the South Campus Plaza and Visitors Lot. The goal of this year’s event was to more than double the number of kits assembled for teachers at local schools. Last year, 1,000 kits were created for teachers at 31 elementary schools; this year, more than 2,150 kits for teachers at 56 elementary, middle and high schools will be made and delivered the same day.

The event offered a festive atmosphere that celebrated team members recognized for doing good deeds at local schools. In addition to packing the kits, the event included lunch, music, and fun.

Objective: Celebrate local teachers and team members by hosting TFS Thanks Teachers, an event that gives back to the communities in which the company operates and creates a positive community engagement experience for team members.

Goal #1: Create a rewarding experience for approximately 500 HQ team members that connects them to the local community.

Goal #2: Provide local teachers with necessary supplies for success in the classroom (over 2,000 kits at 55 elementary, middle and high schools in nearby communities).

Goal #3: Continue the experience launched last year that is now being replicated throughout the company across all office locations (Impact a total of over 5,000 teachers nationwide).

Prior to Event
● Recruit specific volunteer roles including wrangling, stocking, instructional, and delivery.
● TFS team members enrolled in iCARE to receive volunteer credit for participating.
● At the end of Perspectives (or during the Pre-Show), information about the TFS Thanks Teachers event on Tuesday, March 22, 2016. Each attendee received a treat and an invitation card as they exited Perspectives.

Day of Event
● Two overlapping shifts – 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM and 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM — allowed team members to have flexibility around when they want to eat lunch and when they want to assemble kits.
● Lunch set up in South Campus Plaza
● Stations set up in Visitor’s Lot H for team members to pick up supplies and pack the teacher kits.
● When team members finish lunch (or before they start), they got a bag and a checklist for the teacher kits.
● Team members will collect all items on their checklists, confirm that each bag was stuffed correctly with the right items and quantities, and deliver bags to waiting vehicles.
● Pairs of team members will serve as driving teams in different cars to deliver the right amount of bags at two or three assigned schools for the designated number of teachers at each location.
● After team members complete the activity, they can share photos taken during the event on Instagram (#TFSthanksTeachers).

This activity is currently being replicated in Q4 FY16 across all TFS locations for local community impact. Community Relations is partnering with the Community Ambassadors and Team IMPACT for this activation. Ambassadors and Team IMPACT identified local schools to support. Our hope is to distribute 1,000 through the DSSOs, regional offices and TFSB (approximately 60 per location), and several thousand through the CSCs.

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