Joe Bravo

Joe Bravo painted live in Hong Kong and was featured in South China Morning Post

CauseConnect created, packaged, managed, booked and promoted art projects designed to elevate visibility of Joe Bravo — ranging from the traveling exhibition “BRAVO: The Tortilla Paintings of Joe Bravo” at venues in Hong Kong, California, and Utah to visual artist fellowships with the California Community Foundation to brand partnerships (Mission Foods; Dr. Pepper/Seven Up, Inc.; and Tumaro’s Tortillas). CauseConnect handled all aspects of the exhibition tour, including venue identification, procurement, and contract negotiation to procuring artist honoraria, covering travel expenses, securing brand partnerships, and arranging for licensing and speaking fees. Bravo’s work attracted significant media coverage and garnered sales from collectors around the world. To learn more, visit


Bravo paints on tortillas because they represent home, family, and his Mexican heritage. For him, it is only appropriate and culturally relevant to combine the food he has always eaten with his art. Tortillas are now the second most popular bread in the United States, but they haven’t been a staple in the art world. While the art of tortilla making is centuries old, the art of tortilla painting dates back only a few decades. Joe Bravo is one of only a handful of artists who uses tortillas as organic canvases to create masterful works of art. Through his tortilla creations, he depicts the Latino experience through recognizable imagery and icons. His goal is to have viewers visually taste the beauty and the richness of Latino culture through his art.

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